Next New Honkai: Star Rail Characters Are Silver Wolf, Luocha, Yukong

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Ahead of official global social media accounts, HoYoVerse revealed on its bilibili channel who the next new characters will be in Honkai Star Rail. Silver Wolf and Luocha will be limited 5-stars and Yukong will be a 4-star, and they’ll likely debut in Honkai Star Rail Version 1.1. Of the three, only Silver Wolf belongs to a faction other than Xianzhou Luofu. [Thanks, Inside Games!]

From the tutorial, we know that Silver Wolf is a Quantum/Nihility character in Honkai: Star Rail. She very closely resembles Bronya Zaychik from Honkai Impact 3rd, of which Star Rail is a spin-off of. Silver Wolf has a very hacker-like moveset, in which it looks like she can manipulate the space around her to create constructs from retro video games.

Luocha is a traveling merchant who carries around a giant coffin. He is an Imaginary character who is likely of the Abundance Path due to his healing capabilities. Akira Ishida (Athrun from Mobile Suit Gundam SeeD) voices him in the Japanese dub. We already meet him as an NPC in the game as part of the 1.0 Trailblazer Missions.

Yukong is Tingyun’s superior, but little else in terms of information is available to us at the moment. As a 4-star, she will likely be available permanently even after the next banners. In Japanese, Yumi Toma (Raine from Tales of Symphonia) is her voice actress.

Honkai Star Rail is available on mobile devices and Windows PC. PS4 and PS5 versions will come out in the near future. Silver Wolf, Luocha, and Yukong will all show up soon in future updates of Honkai Star Rail.

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