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Next Samurai Maiden Character Trailer Stars Hagane

Next Samurai Maiden Character Trailer Stars Hagane

When Tsumugi heads back to the past and becomes the Priestess of Harmony in Samurai Maiden, she’ll meet a number of different warriors. To help offer insight into each one, D3 Publisher started a new series of videos. Each one focuses on a different cast member. The latest Samurai Maiden character trailer to appear stars Hagane. She’s a ninja with a mechanical arm.

Here’s the Hagane Samurai Maiden trailer. It begins with her official art. Then, it shows her character model in-game, to show how that compares. From there, we see her fighting alongside Tsumugi. These segments show how her right arm can extend to attack opponents by electrocuting them or dragging them in closely. Her arm can also be used while exploring. She’ll extend it like a grappling hook, then pick up Tsumugi to carry her across gaps. When they team up for a special attack, Tsumugi gets an electrical attribute to her assault. Things close out with the two taking a selfie together.

Sumire Uesaka plays Hagane. She also played Hibiki in Samurai Shodown, Kanon in NEO TWEWY, and Kyrie in FFVII Remake.

This is the second Samurai Maiden character trailer to show up. The last one featured the kunoichi Iyo.

Samurai Maiden will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS5 on December 1, 2022 in Japan and on December 8, 2022 worldwide. The PC version will show up on Steam worldwide on December 8, 2022.

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