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NieR: Automata Has An Autopilot Feature That Does The Fighting For You



It doesn’t take much to see that NieR: Automata is a pretty action-heavy game, but Square Enix wants everyone, including novice players, to enjoy it. That said, they’ve introduced the “Auto Mode” feature for that purpose.


The above video shows us its latest gameplay footage that was showcased at Tokyo Game Show 2016.


As for the “Auto Mode” feature, it was made to provide support in battle by switching out the player controls with an AI that does the fighting for you, including attacks and evasive moves that are all done automatically, so even those who aren’t great at games can clear it from start to end.


While the Auto Mode feature sounds pretty useful, it may struggle in fights against high level enemies, so they’d like for you to also enjoy upgrading weapons to help against tougher foes.


Players will get to switch between Auto Mode and normal mode at anytime, so that means they can switch when things get rough during battle, and such. It can also be set so the AI only uses shooting attacks, sword attacks, or simply just evasions.


Again, Auto Mode is only available through an easy difficulty setting, however, this can be changed at any time during your playthrough. And no worries about any scenario changes, since everything stays the same regardless of difficulty.


NieR: Automata releases in Japan on February 23, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PC. The game releases in 2017 for the West. You can check out its TGS 2016 trailer here, along with a look at its recently announced “Black Box Edition” here. A demo for the game is expected to be available sometime near the end of the year.

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