Nihon Falcom to Potentially Release Retro Titles on Nintendo Switch

Nihon Falcom Nintendo Switch Retro Title

President of Nihon Falcom Toshihiro Kondo revealed the company’s interest in releasing “retro” titles for the Nintendo Switch. This information was shared through an interview, which also mentioned why Kondo was particularly drawn to the idea of Nintendo Switch releases. He also reveals that there are potential plans to release more titles outside of The Legend of Natuya: Ad Astra for the Switch. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

When asked about his interest in releasing titles for the Nintendo Switch, Kondo had this to say:

The Nintendo Switch is a console that is very familiar to me, as my children often play it. Additionally, there is a wide range of people from various age groups because of the convenience of it being a handheld console. Once we had released titles on the PSP, we had a wider variety of different age groups playing our games, and we expect releasing titles on the Nintendo Switch will have the same effect.

However, on the issue of releasing “retro” Nihon Falcom titles for the Switch, Kondo states that these titles will potentially appear as downloads. The reason for this is that releasing these titles as physical versions is more difficult.

When asked about Nihon Falcom titles outside of the announced The Legend of Natuya: Ad Astra appearing on the Nintendo Switch, Kondo states that there is already a plan in mind. However, he can’t provide details just yet and will share more information about this in the future.

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