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The Legend of Nayuta Ad Astra Switch Release Date Announced

Legend of Nayuta ad astra Switch release

The Nintendo Switch port of The Legend of Nayuta, titled The Legend of Nayuta: Ad Astra will release in Japan on May 26, 2022. According to the Falcom website, the physical copy of the game will cost ¥4,378 (which is approximately $38). Meanwhile, the digital copy will cost ¥3,960 (around $34).

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While the Traditional Chinese and Korean versions will also release on that date, the English version of the game will come out in 2023. The soundtrack for the game is available as a pre-order bonus. It comes with two CDs and has all 60 tracks that will appear in The Legend of Nayuta: Ad Astra. It also has a limited-edition cover. If you order from the Falcom Shop, you can get an acrylic figure of Nayuta and Noi.

The Legend of Nayuta follows the story of the titular Nayuta, who wants to explore the world of Lost Heaven. He, along with the fairy Noi, are on a journey around the world to reclaim the Master Gear. It is an action RPG in a similar vein to the Ys series, and its system utilizes seasons and the environment to solve puzzles. The Switch version of the game boasts higher sound quality compared to the original PSP release, and it will run at 60 FPS.

The Legend of Nayuta: Ad Astra will come out in Japan on May 26, 2022. It is readily available on the Windows PC, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation 4 in Japanese. The PS4, PC, and Switch versions will come out in English in 2023.

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