Nijisanji EN Members to Debut in Wixoss Nijisanji Diva Pack

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Members of Nijisanji will appear as cards in the Wixoss TCG as part of the Nijisanji Diva pack. There is enough variety in the pack that you will be able to make a deck with solely Nijisanji cards. Wixoss has collaborated with Nijisanji in the past, adding livers such as Tsukino Mito to the roster. However, Nijisanji Diva will be the first time that members from Nijisanji EN make an appearance.

The members of Lazulight and Obsydia from Nijisanji EN will debut in Wixoss with the Nijisanji Diva pack. These members are Pomu, Elira, Finana, Petra, Selen, and Rosemi. Hyakumantenbara Salome, who has been making waves and breaking records for VTubers since her debut, will also appear as a bonus when you purchase the box. Some of the boxes contain a rarer version that has Salome’s autograph on it.

There is also the chance to obtain cards of Sasaki Saku and Shiina Yuika with their signatures on them. The final bonus is a card of Lize Helesta with a serial number on it. Takara Tomy will only release seven cards with serial numbers, and they are exclusive to the first production batch.

Wixoss is a multimedia franchise focusing on the Wixoss TCG. Aside from the real-life game, there are also multiple anime series and manga adaptations. The TCG is similar to other card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh or Magic the Gathering in which you use your cards to wipe out your opponent’s points.

The Nijisanji Diva pack, including cards of the Nijisanji EN members, for Wixoss will be available from December 24, 2022.

Stephanie Liu
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