Hyakumantenbara Salome Reaches a Million Subscribers

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On May 24, 2022, Nijisanji debuted a new VTuber, Hyakumantenbara Salome. She is the first VTuber from Nijisanji to debut alone. According to her lore, she is a normal girl who dreams of being a perfect lady, which is why she occasionally slips out of her classic ‘ojousama’ way of speaking. After less than two weeks, Salome now boasts over 1,000,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. As of the time of writing, she has approximately 1.03 million subscribers.

Salome is the third Nijisanji VTuber to have over a million subscribers. Other Nijisanji VTubers with a million subscribers include Kanae, though Salome is the only female Liver with this number. She achieved this in around 14 days, beating out Gawr Gura’s record of 39 days. Salome is also the fifth fastest Japanese YouTuber to get a million subscribers, and is the first one from Nijisanji.

So far, Salome has played games such as Grand Theft Auto V and Resident Evil 7: Village. She has less than twenty videos on her YouTube channel as of the time of writing, with each stream lasting under an hour and a half. During her debut stream, she showed off images of her certificate of residency, as well as photos of her gastroscopy. She also did not download Resident Evil 7: Village and spent more than half of the stream labeling different prefectures in Japan.

Hyakumantenbara Salome posts videos on YouTube, and is on Twitter as well.

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