Nijisanji Kuzuha and Himawari Nendoroids Pre-orders Open

nijisanji himawari kuzuha nendoroids

Good Smile Company announced two new Nendoroids that will be based on Nijisanji VTubers. The two VTubers who will exit the virtual realm and enter reality are Kuzuha and Honma Himawari. Both Kuzuha and Himawari will be ¥6,100/$58.99. Pre-orders are open from March 10, 2021 to April 21, 2021. Good Smile Company will release the Nijisanji Kuzuha and Himawari Nendoroids in October 2021.

Both Kuzuha and Himawari have a pose where they are sitting on the ground while playing the Nintendo Switch. If you pre-order from the Good Smile Company website, the Kuzuha and Himawari Nendoroids come with custom stands bearing their signatures as well.

Himawari will come with three face plates: a standard cheery expression, a surprised face, and an big bright smile. Her mascot Kumawari and a shotgun are optional parts included for poses.

Kuzuha will also come with three face plates: a standard expression, a cool expression, and a smile. For his optional parts, he has two submachine guns and a crown. You can also change his hair so that his bangs are held up by clips.

Kuzuha and Himawari are not the first Nijisanji VTubers to get Nendoroids. Tsukino Mito was released in June 2019. Earlier in 2021, Good Smile Company displayed a large selection of up-coming Nendoroids and figures for WonHobby 32 on the company’s Twitter account.

The Nendoroids for Kuzuha and Honma Himawari of Nijisanji are available to pre-order until April 21, 2021 and will ship in October 2021.

Stephanie Liu
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