Nijisanji Will Release Merchandise Showing New Lazulight Outfits

nijisanji lazulight goods

For a limited time, Nijisanji will sell merchandise showing members of Lazulight in their new outfits. As a reminder, Lazulight consists of Pomu Rainpuff, Finana Ryugu, and Elira Pendragon. Orders are open from the Nijisanji website from January 29 to February 18, 2022.

There are two kinds of Lazulight merchandise that you can buy from the Nijisanji website. There are acrylic stands that cost $19.35 each, and badges that cost $8.80 each. The scheduled release window is around late March. Additionally, the website lists the shipping as 2200 JPY ($19.10), though the pricing may change depending on country.

Lazulight debuted their new models on January 29, 2022. All three of them have a mix of Asian and lolita aesthetics in their outfits, with the cross fronts, big sleeves, and frills. Pomu looks like a wa-loli maid, with her hair in twin braids. Meanwhile, Elira has short hair and Finana has her long hair in twin buns.

Nijisanji EN launched Lazulight in May 2021 as the English branch’s first unit. All three girls follow a fantasy theme, with Pomu a fairy, Elira a dragon, and Finana a mermaid. The nature theme carries over to the next unit, Obsydia. It is currently unknown when and if Obsydia or other Nijisanji EN units will receive new 3D models and outfits. The newest unit, and the only one with male VTubers, from Nijisanji EN is Luxiem, who debuted in December 2021.

The Nijisanji Lazulight goods are available until February 18, 2022 via the company’s official website.

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