Ninjas, Cyborgs, & Punks Join The Playable Cast Of Beat ‘Em Up Soda Girls


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Punks, ninja, cyborgs, young scientists, and more have joined the cast of beat ‘em up Soda Girls, giving players many options for dealing with the werewolves, zombies, aliens, and creatures that are stalking the streets.




Each of the varied Soda Girls offers a different combat style and weapon, offering new abilities and a range of firearms and melee weapons to choose from. From Jacey’s huge club to Yumiho’s katana to Bella’s mechanical pets, there will be many options for players to beat down their enemies.


Those options will be necessary, as the developer isn’t shy about Soda Girls’ difficulty, stating that players should take care in combat and take every enemy seriously. If they do not, the player won’t live long.




Soda Girls is out now on Steam Early Access.

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