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Nintendo 2020 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Use 8-bit Designs

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Every year, Hallmark releases a new line of holiday ornaments, including the “Keepsake” brand. These ornaments typically are branded with various IP, from sports teams to classic movies and everything in-between. Nintendo got involved a few years ago with its own Super Mario brand, bringing the likes of Mario and Yoshi to holiday decorators around the gaming community. The 2020 motif has been revealed, and it’s a little more old school than usual.

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According to a tweet from Twitter account Video Game Art & Tidbits, the Nintendo 2020 Hallmark Keepsake ornaments will be based on the included characters’ original 8-bit designs. Pictured in the tweet, which we’ve embedded below, are Mario, Luigi, and Donkey Kong. There don’t appear to be prices for these yet, nor are they listed on Hallmark’s website.

That said, Hallmark’s website does have a listing for a personalized Super Mario ornament, which won’t be available to purchase until September 2020. It’s probably much too early for more store listings, and Hallmark’s own social media hasn’t mentioned the 8-bit ornaments either.

Hallmark’s Nintendo ornaments have seen quite a variety of designs, from modern character renders to ornaments based on old, official art. There was even a full Donkey Kong arcade cabinet. These 8-bit ornaments resemble the World of Nintendo line of figures and collectibles, but according to the above Twitter thread, they’re based on new molds.

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