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Nintendo Introduces Engage System in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem engage engage system

Nintendo revealed more information on the story and battle system of Fire Emblem Engage. There is also a video to see how the 12 Emblem Rings will work. When you use a ring, you can summon an iconic hero from the past games, as well as use their power in combat. You can equip a Hero to your character and synchronize with them.

Each Ring has a hero attached to it. When you synchronize a character to a Ring, your character will get a boost to their stats. You can also get some new skills. Aside from equipping them, the two can fuse together to create a more powerful unit. This is the Engage system. When Alear and Marth Engage, Alear’s equipment will change and they also get two new skills.

You can watch the Emblem Ring trailer for Fire Emblem Engage here:

In total, there will be 12 Emblem Rings, and Nintendo shared information on 6 of them:

Marth (Hikaru Midorikawa)

Marth will be the first Ring that Alear will get to use. Marth will specialize in multiple fast attacks, with Star Rush having a bonus for Manakete characters.

Sigurd (Toshiyuki Morikawa)

When you Engage with Sigurd, how much of the map you can cover will increase. The Overdrive Engage Skill will also attack enemies in a line and move the character across the map.

Celica (Nao Toyama)

Celica’s Engage Skill will let her use a magic attack twice per turn at the cost of cutting the damage by half. This is most useful for when there are two enemies at the map with only a little bit of HP left. She can also warp to a distant enemy regardless of the terrain and deal a powerful magical attack.

Byleth (Yusuke Kobayashi)

Byleth is a good support character who can raise others’ stats. His Engage Skill Gambit: The Goddess’s Dance will let him power up and revitalize adjacent characters (up to 4 at a time). Like a Dancer’s Dance, they will be able to move again even if they already did that turn.

Corrin (Satomi Sato)

Like Byleth, Corrin is a support who can manipulate the terrain. These can debuff the enemy

Lyn (Makiko Ohmoto)

Lyn will be a powerful hero who can attack from any distance. Her Engage Skill lets her create duplicates of herself that can serve as decoys, and they can also support an attack. Her other Engage Skill lets her attack five times from a distance.

Aside from information on the Emblem Heroes, Nintendo has also released a detailed relationship chart on the Fire Emblem Engage original characters. Diamant and Alcryst, who Nintendo introduced the other day, are also on the chart.

Fire Emblem Engage will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. It is available to pre-order in the eShop.

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