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Here Are Princes Diamant and Alcryst in Fire Emblem Engage

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Nintendo released some more information on characters who will appear in Fire Emblem: Engage. They are both royalty from Brodia, with Diamant as the Crown Prince and Alcryst as the second prince. Both of them are Lords, though Diamant wields a sword and Alcryst uses bows. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

In the Japanese dub, Junichi Suwabe will voice Diamant. Suwabe previously voiced Viktor in Yuri on Ice and Ryomen Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen. As the Crown Prince of Brodia, Diamant received an elite education and has the trust of the people. He has a very serious and stoic personality, and deeply respects his father.

As for Alcryst, Nobuhiko Okamoto will voice him. Okamoto previously appeared as Katsuki Bakugou in My Hero Academia and Accelerator in the A Certain Magical Index series. Alcryst has low self-esteem and is very negative about himself because he tends to compare himself with his older brother. However, he has good social skills and has a firm understanding of his duties as a noble.

There is also a clip of them interacting. In the clip, Diamant offers to spar with Alcryst, who says it’s an honor. Though Diamant tries to reassure Alcryst by telling him that everyone has things they’re good and bad at, it does not help. Alcryst mentions that although he is also a prince of Brodia, people think of him as “the prince who isn’t Diamant.”

Nintendo first announced Fire Emblem Engage as the latest mainline entry in the long-running series during its September 2022 Nintendo Direct. Along with original characters and plot, it will feature past heroes such as Lyn, Micaiah, and Marth. It follows the story of player avatar Alear and their promise to their dying mother that they will find the 12 rings once more. Nintendo previously showed off Prince Alfred and Princess Celine of Ferine.

Fire Emblem Engage will come out on January 20, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. You can pre-order is via the eShop.

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