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Nintendo Is Releasing A ‘Second Nintendo Switch Set’ In Japan


2nd switch

Nintendo is making a ‘Second Nintendo Switch Set’ that will exclude the Dock, Joy-Con Grip, AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable. The set will be available through My Nintendo Store in Japan.




The set will only have the Nintendo Switch console, Joy-Con L & R, and two Joy-Con straps. It will cost 24,980 instead 29,980 by removing the other components, and are meant for people who are buying more than one Nintendo Switch per household.


Similar to the standard Nintendo Switch set, purchasing from My Nintendo Store will let buyers customize which color of Joy-Cons they get with the base console, out of grey, red, blue, yellow, green, or pink. The same also goes for the Joy-Con straps.


Nintendo has previously stated that they want to make the Nintendo Switch a console that is more than one-per-household, and it seems this is one of the ways they are encouraging this.

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