Marth, Mega Man, And More Nintendo Nendoroids Are Adorable


Who wants to see all of the cute Nendoroids? Show of hands? Okay. I’m going to let you see all five of the best guys at once, we’ll all squeal over how adorable they are, then we’ll talk.


wonder fest nintendo nendoroids
These are the Nintendo (and Capcom) Nendoroid prototypes Good Smile Company brought to the 2015 Summer Wonder Festival. Recognize these guys? You should, since they’re pretty famous. On the bottom left is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask link. In the middle is Kirby, wielding his Sword power. Marth has him flanked on the other side, making his first appearance.


In the back row, we have two Nendoroids that were only recently revealed. Mega Man was a surprise to everyone until the Blue Bomber showed up at the convention. (He was teased on Facebook first!) Meanwhile, N has been revealed as the next Pokemon Center exclusive figure. He comes with his Reshiram, of course.


We should hear about pre-order opportunities for all of these cool Nendoroid dudes soon. Hopefully the Pokemon Center website will stock N like it did Red.

Jenni Lada
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