Nintendo Overturns Lawsuit Against Wii Remote Tracking Technology

Back in 2013, iLife Technologies filed a lawsuit against Nintendo in the US, claiming that they had infringed upon six different patents, including the motion tracking technology used for the Nintendo Wii Remote. However, yesterday this was overturned, with Nintendo winning back a large sum in the process.

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Essentially, iLife was determined by the court in Dallas after appealing for many long years to be covering an extremely broad concept, and as such, their patents have now been nullified.

Back in 2013, Nintendo was asked to pay $10.1 million in award money to iLife, and despite Nintendo arguing that they lacked “an adequate written explanation”, the judge ruled the case in favor of iLife. Now that this lawsuit is nullified, so is the money that Nintendo needed to pay to the company.

According to Ajay Singh, the Deputy General Counsel of Nintendo of America, Nintendo “will continue to vigorously defend our products against companies seeking to profit off of technology they did not invent.”

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