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Nintendo Permanently Lowers the Joy-con Price in Japan

Joy-con price reduced

As of October 12, 2020, Nintendo lowered the single Joy-con price in Japan. Consumers who purchase either a solo Joy-con left or right controller will be pleasantly surprised, as the suggested retail price has gone from 4,480 yen to 3,740 yen (not including tax). The savings amount to around $8 USD.

The news comes from Nintendo’s official website, where it also listed all of the available colors. Interestingly, the price for a bundle that has both left and right Joy-cons has not changed and remains at 7,480 yen (plus tax). Thus far, there has not been an announcement about a price adjustment outside of Japan.

Also of note, Nintendo’s website mentions that production has ended for the following bundles of left and right Joy-con colors: gray, neon yellow, and red. It seems these Joy-con can still be purchased individually, though.

The Joy-con have been a hot topic since shortly after the console’s launch in early 2017. Joy-con drift has been widespread enough that lawsuits have popped up. Nintendo has commented briefly about the inconveniences of Joy-con drift, and customer service centers in America offer free repairs even if the Joy-con are out of warranty.

The single Joy-con price in Japan is now 3,740 yen (not including tax). We’ll keep you posted if a price reduction reaches overseas.

Oni Dino
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