Nintendo Ends Production of Grey, Neon Yellow, and Red Joy-Cons for Japan

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The My Nintendo Store website in Japan reveals that three Joy-Con color sets have ended production, two sets of which were originally released alongside certain games. In particular, the grey ones have been discontinued, although they remain one of the two basic Joy-Con options for people buying the Nintendo Switch console. This means that for people in Japan wishing to replace grey Joy-Cons while still keeping the color scheme, it’ll become significantly harder in the near future, as while they are still being sold in stores, stock will become harder to find as time goes on. [Thanks, naruki!]

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Meanwhile, two other full color Joy-Con sets have also ended production for Japan—-Neon Yellow and Red. You might recognize Neon Yellow as the ones that were used to promote the 3D fighter ARMS, as special edition versions came with a pair of the Joy-Cons. While they were later sold separately, they are now no longer being produced. That said, the right Neon Yellow Joy-Con can still be found paired with the Blue Joy-Con, so there’s still a way to get one of them.

Finally, the Red Joy-Cons sport a darker red than the Neon Red ones that are commonly seen, and were released around the same time as Super Mario Odyssey, calling into mind the plumber’s colors. The color of Joy-Con is not found in any other combination as of now, so hopefully it returns as part of another color combination.

Currently, as these sets are all full sets of one color, it’s uncertain if this will carry over to individual Joy-Con purchases, which are still available on My Nintendo Store. However, for those hoping to buy full sets, the time to strike is now. The latest color set to be available in Japan is pastel green and blue, which came with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch.

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