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Nintendo Shows 2 Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Locations

xenoblade chronicles 3 locations

Nintendo shared some more screenshots introducing locations that will appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Each screenshot also shows some plants and monsters that Noah and friends can encounter. The first locale is the Eagus Wilderness, and the second is the Millick Meadows. Each tweet also features a short blurb describing the areas.

Eagus Wilderness has in the background the Fallen Arm that appeared in previous Xenoblade Chronicles games. You can also see some of the flora and fauna that will be in the Eagus Wilderness.

The second location, the Millick Meadows, is a greener environment considering it is by a body of water. A Territorial Rotbart appears to be in one of the screenshots. That is a recurring Level 81 Unique Monster from the previous Xenoblade Chronicles games. As Nintendo mentions in its tweet for the location, the creatures are not particularly friendly to those walking through it.

Aside from locations, Nintendo has teased information on the plot and characters for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. In early May 2022, it showed off a short trailer featuring Ethel in an antagonistic role against the heroes. In April 2022, Nintendo also showed off the Ouroboros feature. Characters can Interlink in combat to create an Ouroboros.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will come out on the Nintendo Switch on July 29, 2022.

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