Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Event: Hands On With 1-2 Switch


The final number of mini games that will be included in 1-2 Switch was not disclosed, though we were able to enjoy at least three.




Cowboy quick draw requires no real looking at a screen (though having attendants explain the action certainly helped). You and the other person has to draw their gun, as represented by a Joy-Con, and shoot, by pressing the LZ or RZ button, depending on what controller one has. After each shot, stats are revealed, which compares each shot down to the millisecond.




Another activity had one person with an imaginary wooden katana that you’re supposed to hit the other player with on the head. Said second player must try to catch it. As with the western themed game, eye contact is key, though in this particular instance, fakery and similar mind games appears to play a greater role. One games back and worth, switch roles, until there is a winner.




The third activity I engaged in was simply manipulating the Joy-Con, to determine the number of imaginary balls inside. Each player is given a minute to determine a number, which is then compared, to see who has better control of one’s senses. This, more than any other game, was the best demonstration of the much-vaunted HD Rumble and was genuinely impressive, and might be the most popular game of the assortment at parties, primarily among non-gamers.

Matt Hawkins