Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Is Finally Getting A D-Pad With A Left Joy-Con From HORI



A lot of us miss having a D-pad with the Nintendo Switch, but those of you who really want one can invest in peripheral manufacturer HORI’s new left Joy-Con that comes with a good ol’ D-pad this July.



The “D-pad Con (L) for Nintendo Switch” works only on Handheld Mode. HORI is making it so players can have a better choice for playing fighting games, arcade archive titles, as well as old school games that you’ve played on D-pads in the past.



Having a D-pad on Switch sounds pretty sweet, but there are some drawbacks other than it only being usable in Handheld Mode. Here’s what’s missing from the standard Joy-Con:

  • HD Rumble
  • Player LED
  • Sync Button
  • SL Button
  • SR Button
  • Accelerometer*
  • Gyro Sensors*

*Still available on the right Joy-Con while in-game.


HORI’s D-pad Con (L) for Nintendo Switch is expected to release in Japan in July 2018 for the price of 2,480 yen plus tax.

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