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Nintendo Switch Sales Have Reached 84.59 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo Switch Sales Worldwide

The total Nintendo Switch sales worldwide have reached 84.59 million units, as revealed in a recent financial report from Nintendo. Additionally, Nintendo has disclosed numbers regarding both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite sales. Total cumulative sales for both models are currently at an all-time high according to analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. [Thanks, ResetEra and ZhugeEx!]

A graph provided by Ahmad illustrates the rise in sales, along with an individual breakdown of Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite numbers. The graph shows sells by quarter within the most recent fiscal year. Ahmad notes that the standard Nintendo Switch sold 69.98 million units in comparison to the 14.7 million units the Switch Lite sold, making the standard model the most model sold even when factoring in cumulative sales. In November 2020, it was revealed that the Nintendo Switch had sold 68.3 million units worldwide.

Nintendo has also broken the record for highest operating profit earned in a fiscal year by a console maker. The previous record holder was also Nintendo. The developer and publisher have officially beaten their own record. Initially Nintendo had secured the title in 2009, when the Wii and Nintendo DS were the primary consoles for the company at that time. The company continues to hold the record.

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