Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Won’t Have Friend Codes, Reggie On Steady Pacing Of Content



Nintendo of America’s president Reggie Fils-Aime has shared a few comments over on CNET, offering up a little more information on the Nintendo Switch.


First off, Reggie discussed the importance of a steady release of games in the following months after the console’s release, saying that a “steady pacing of content” is what motivates consumers to “jump into the platform.”


“Launch day is not the be-all and the end-all. It really is the steady pacing of content that continually reinforces for the people who bought into the platform why they made a smart choice, as well as what compels people who might be sitting on the sidelines to jump in. We feel we have this great ongoing march of content to motivate you to jump into the platform.”


Reggie then went on to talk a little bit more about the Switch’s optional paid subscription for online services, as well as confirming that the console will use no friend codes.


“People have taken shots at us for that. The reality is, the way that online experiences have progressed, it’s an expensive proposition. The amount of servers we need to support Smash Brothers or Mario Kart — these big multiplayer games — is not a small investment. There are no friend codes within what we’re doing.”


The Nintendo Switch will release on March 3rd, 2017.