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Nintendo Won’t Raise Switch Price, Announces 36 Million Nintendo Switch Online Members

Nintendo Won't Raise Switch Prices, Announces 36 Million Nintendo Switch Online Members

During a Q&A session with at a Nintendo investors meeting, Nintendo announced that there are over 36 million active subscribers in its Nintendo Switch Online service. It also said that it would not raise the prices of the Nintendo Switch, even if the Japanese yen is weak. This was in response to a report on November 8, 2022 stating that Nintendo was considering doing so.

As of late September 2022, over 36 million paid Nintendo Switch Online service accounts exist. Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service that allows players to play online or save on a cloud. It also gives members access to N64 games such as Wave Race 64 and Pokemon Stadium, should they purchase the Expansion Pass tier. Since Nintendo aims to maintain a positive relationship with its fan base for a long time, it noted it also has plans to add more benefits to Nintendo Switch Online as part of that goal.

As for the price of the Switch, that came up as well during Nintendo’s discussion. According to the initial Reuters report, Nintendo will “carefully consider” the option to do so. It is unclear if this price hike would have only been in Japan. As a precedent, Sony raised the price of the PS5 in certain territories as a response to issues such as high inflation rates. While Nintendo ultimately decided against it, it may broach this subject again depending on the economic situation.

Nintendo Switch Online is available monthly for $3.99 or yearly for $19.99. The Expansion Pack plan with N64 games, Genesis games, and DLC is $49.99 per year. The Nintendo Switch will remain at its current price point for the foreseeable future.

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