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Nioh 2 Producer Fumihiko Yasuda Narrates the Last Chance Trial

Nioh 2 Producer Walkthrough

The Nioh 2 Last Chance Trial period ends on March 1, 2020. But if you didn’t get a chance to play or just want more,  Nioh 2 Producer Fumihiko Yasuda is there for you. In the latest trailer posted to PlayStation’s Youtube channel, Yasuda narrates a quick jaunt through the demo’s Mount Tenno area.

The video features Yasuda’s commentary on the game, as well as some explanations for some of Nioh 2‘s new weapon types. The added weapons include the Hatchets and Switchglaive. The Hatchets can be dual-wielded, but don’t have much reach. They can, however, be thrown and retrieved like a boomerang, making up for this shortcoming. The Switchglaive is a transforming weapon whose form and properties change between the High, Mid, and Low stances.

The Nioh 2 producer also demonstrated other features, like a trip into the Yokai-infested Dark Realm. The Dark Realm houses more dangerous enemies and more valuable treasure. Benevolent Graves scattered throughout the stage allow players to summon others for a spot of jolly cooperation. As for the stages themselves, underground paths and environmental gimmicks like rice paddies and magical pillars will give players multiple options for bypassing or weakening powerful foes before the big showdown.

Yasuda ended the playthrough on an engagement with the zone’s boss, the conjoined Yokai Ryomen Sukuna. Ryomen Sukuna is a double-bodied monster, with a blue side that wields a water-elemental bow, and a red side wielding burning melee weapons. When damaged significantly, Ryomen Sukuna summoned the Dark Realm, enhancing its own attacks. Players, however, can call upon their own Yokai powers to enable a Devil Trigger-like super mode with enhanced stats and moves. Sadly, it wasn’t enough, and Ryomen Sukuna gained the upper hand by the end of the video.

Nioh 2 will release on the PlayStation 4 on March 13, 2020.

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