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Nippon Ichi’s New Sandbox SRPG Involves A Lot Of Block Destruction



Nippon Ichi’s upcoming Minecraft-style sandbox game Hakoniwa Company Works might look like a builder RPG but it’s actually more on the destructive side. The game also got its Japanese release date of July 13 on PS4 on its official website.


We previously got to see some of the game’s screenshots that show how you’ll get to create buildings and furniture that affects your characters in battle.



By crafting various buildings, you’ll get to even create your own town that powers up the characters living within. Additionally, crafting more buildings increases the number of things you can create.



However, when it comes to battles it’s a little more destructive than that. All of the stages in the world of Hakoniwa Company Works are made of destroyable blocks and there are different ways to break the blocks depending on your character attacks.


You’ll have various jobs that are able to use items such as pickaxes and shovels to help destroy the land to give your party the upper hand against enemies.



The battles are done in turn-based strategy RPG style, so you won’t get to go around freely blowing everything up, but rather, you’ll want to think ahead of time to use your moves wisely when it comes to destroying nearby land.


Hakoniwa Company Works releases in Japan on July 13, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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