NIS America Releasing Assault Spy Via Steam Early Access


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One of the new games announced by NIS America during its February 2018 live stream is an original title from Wazen called Assault Spy. This is a comedic action game that will debut on Steam Early Access for PCs in May 2018.


In Assault Spy, players choose to follow either the corporate spy Asaru or CIA agent Amelia. Each one has their own storyline as they attempt to prevent terrorists from taking over the Negabot mega corporation. (Naturally, the Asaru and Amelia will run across each other as they play.) The key is to use combos to defeat enemies, while also dodging bullets and attacks. As you fell foes, Asaru and Amelia each learn new moves.


In the NIS America stream, Wazen also had a message prepared for people. He said that he hoped his passion for the project comes through in Assault Spy. He wants to make a fantastic game and live up to people’s expectations. He used Unreal Engine 4 and its capabilities to make things look stylish. He also said he tried to offer freedom of movement, with flashy and exciting action. He said he tried to design the environment so levels would be challenge and allow people to use the environment and different tactics to take out enemies.


Assault Spy is a single player PC game that will come to Early Access in May 2018. It will feature English and Japanese text.

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