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NIS Shares Details About Disgaea 7 Ranked Battles

disgaea 7 ranked battles

NIS shared some more information in regards to how Ranked Battles will work in Disgaea 7. As a reminder, Disgaea 7 will be the first game in the franchise in which players can go up against their peers for a place on the leaderboards. Ranked Battles will not be an active PvP option. Instead, you will set up your characters and the AI will handle it, leaving you with more free time for other activities. [Thanks, ryokutya2089!]

The basic rules are that you can have a maximum of ten characters. Every time you play a Ranked Battle, you get to choose from three randomly chosen armies, and you must rout the enemies in order to win. However, if thirty turns pass, then whichever side has the most remaining characters will win. Aside from choosing your characters, you can also set their AI to prioritize certain actions.

Every week, NIS will change the stages and the rules. Rules will put restrictions on what you can put in your army. For example, you might have a week where you can only use a certain type of character or class. There will also be Free Battles you can participate in if you want to go up against a player-built army but do not want to deal with the stress of rank.

However, depending on what rank you are, you can get different prizes. There are also rewards that are exclusive to Ranked Battles. This is likely to encourage players to participate. Since you are not going up against an AI, it might be less stressful for those who prefer PvE games over PvP.

Disgaea 7 will come out on January 26, 2023 in Japan for the PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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