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No More Heroes 3 SuperGroupies Merchandise Includes Travis’ Attire

No More Heroes 3 SuperGroupies merchandise

SuperGroupies opened pre-orders for new merchandise items modeled after No More Heroes 3 characters. The collection will feature items based on Travis Touchdown and more characters from the series’ latest title released recently for Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021.

Travis Touchdown is in the spotlight in this collection. The brand plans to produce sneakers, backpacks, and jackets based on the series protagonist. However, other characters will inspire items based on them. A reversible jacket inspired by Jess Baptiste VI will also include a pouch modeled after the young FU.

Here’s the full lineup of SuperGroupies’ No More Heroes 3 merchandise:

  1. Full Armor Travis watch – $218
  2. Travis Touchdown sneakers – $128
  3. Travis Touchdown backpack – $158
  4. Travis Touchdown riding jacket – $268
  5. FU reversible jacket and pouch – $198
  6. Henry Cooldown watch – $198
  7. NT Kamui backpack – $158
  8. Bad Girl boots – $158

Pre-orders for the No More Heroes 3 items are open on SuperGroupies’ Japanese and US websites until September 26, 2021. However, the brand will only manufacture items that have reached 100% of the minimum quota for orders. People who have pre-ordered items that don’t reach the minimum quota will receive a refund for the cancellation.

No More Heroes 3 is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch. In August 2021, the No More Heroes series creator Suda51 released a statement saying “goodbye” to Travis Touchdown. He also noted that the series’ future is “uncertain.”

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