Northward is an upcoming settlement simulation that encourages co-operation between players, as each of them picks an elder to control and play through the online campaign as a team.


Since resources are shared by both players, there is a need to plan ahead and communicate with the other party to determine how their village is to be expanded.


In Northward, the story is that there’s a fog originating from the north, devouring everything in its shadow and turning all life into soulless husks. Using the ancient relics in your village for protection, you’ll have to guide your villagers northwards to find the source of the corruption.


northward_2 northward_1


Nemoria Entertainment had created an IndieGoGo campaign to secure €32,000 in funds for the development of Northward; however, the game is nowhere near that mark. Should the campaign be successful, backers can expect to play the game on their PC, Mac and Linux sometime in the first quarter of 2015.

Tim Wee

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