NVIDIA Responds to Database Leak, Inclusion of FFVII Remake is Speculative

NVIDIA Database Leak FFVII Remake

NVIDIA has released a response in relation to the massive GeForce NOW database leak that occurred. The NVIDIA database leak included a massive list of titles that many believed confirmed for potential PC releases, such as FFVII Remake, Bayonetta 3, Demon’s Souls, Dragon’s Dogma 2, and more. While some of these titles have already released for consoles, others are currently in development or not yet confirmed. [Thanks, wcctech!]

Shortly after the leak, the corporation released a statement revealing that the leaks regarding the list were speculative. This means that the titles included on the NVIDIA database leak, such as FFVII Remake, are only used for internal tracking and testing. As it stands, none of the games on the list have a confirmed or potential PC release.

Other notable titles included on the list include Final Fantasy XVI, Kingdom Hearts IV, Metal Gear Solid 3 HD, and the next mainline Monster Hunter title. Additionally, the list revealed the development of a new strategy game from Square Enix. That said, the development of these titles is nowhere near confirmed despite being included on the list.

Additionally, NVIDIA has now removed the list. It also stated that the database leak did not expose any personal information.

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