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Nyko Is Releasing A Nintendo Labo-Inspired Retro Arcade Cabinet Kit For Switch



Third-party video game accessories manufacturer Nyko revealed a new Nintendo Labo-inspired buildable arcade cabinet kit that allows you to attach two Joy-Con controllers as joy sticks.


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Bring the arcade experience to your Nintendo Switch with Pixel quest arcade Kit from Nyko. Pixel quest arcade Kit is a buildable 87256 of a traditional arcade cabinet. It House the Nintendo Switch and both Joy-Con Controllers providing 2-player gameplay with games that utilize a single Joy-Con. Two Custom fit arcade sticks attach to the top of the Joy-Con analog sticks providing authentic arcade play. The mechanical button remapping enables the shoulder buttons of the Joy-Con to be pressed just like traditional arcade buttons. A cutout where the Console Sit in the cabinet allows a charging cable to be plugged in and keep the battery charged during long gaming sessions. Included in the Kit is a set of sticker sheets Featuring various colors allowing the cabinet to be decorated and personalized.



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  • Build and play with a traditional 87256 of a old-school arcade cabinet


  • Includes 8 sheets of corrugated cardboard containing 16 pieces of individual die cut components to assemble


  • Includes two arcade sticks that are custom Fit to attach to the Joy-Con analog sticks for Authentic arcade play


  • Mechanical button remapping allows the user to press the shoulder Buttons on the Joy-Con just like traditional arcade Buttons


The Nyko Retro Arcade Kit will go for $19.99 when it releases on November 27, 2018. It is currently available for pr-order on Amazon.

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