Octopath Traveler Pre-Order Now Live On Steam With A Bonus Set Of 11 Exclusive Wallpapers



    We learned last month that Square Enix is releasing Octopath Traveler for PC via Steam this June, and the game is now available for pre-order, with a bonus set of 11 exclusive wallpapers featuring its eight heroes, priced at $59.99.



    You can check out some of the wallpapers in the above image.


    Here’s the latest on the PC version of Octopath Traveler from Square Enix:



    Octopath Traveler for PC brings the game’s distinctive HD-2D graphics to life like never before. It features a unique visual style that combines detailed 2D characters with beautiful 3D environments – you won’t have played anything that looks quite like it.

    The game also features eight characters, each with their own skills and storylines. From haunted thieves and enthusiastic apothecaries, to naïve scholars and noble warriors, there’s someone for everyone in this motley crew and, rather brilliantly, you can play through their tales in any order you like.



    You’ll also have to make smart use of their skills – both in and out of combat. Every character has ‘Path Actions’ – unique abilities that can help you progress the story, find hidden items, or get an edge in battle.



    Speaking of which, Octopath Traveler features a deep, strategic battle system. Enemies are tough and resilient – you’ll have to identify their weaknesses and use your party to exploit them if you want to succeed.


    Octopath Traveler releases for PC on June 7, 2019. It supports English and Japanese audio, and for text it has English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.  Check out more on the PC version of the game in our previous report. The game is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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