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Omega Labyrinth Life Producer Explains Why It’s A Nintendo Switch-Exclusive



The first Omega Labyrinth was on PS Vita, followed by Omega Labyrinth Z for PS4 and PS Vita, and its next one, Omega Labyrinth Life, will be a Nintendo Switch-exclusive. Producer Yosuke Uchida explained why in an interview at TGS 2018 with DualShockers.


When asked why the game made the jump from PlayStation to Nintendo Switch, Yosuke Uchida replied with the following:


“The Omega Labyrinth series first came out on PS Vita, and on PS Vita the player can directly touch the girls on the screen and have fun with that. On Nintendo Switch you can use it in handheld mode and you can still touch the girls, so that’s why we picked the Switch.”


Omega Labyrinth Life releases for Nintendo Switch in 2019. In case you missed it, check out its TGS 2018 trailer in our previous report.

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