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Omega Labyrinth Z Manages To Get Even Weirder With A “Licking” Feature



D3 Publisher is making a sequel to Omega Labyrinth that expands from K-cup to Z-cups with the “Z Breast Mode” and will also have new playable characters. The latest update shares a look at some more new features.




First is a look at a new item “Purse” feature that will make item management much more easier in the roguelike. Since there are many weapons, bras, panties, and all kinds of items to collect in the dungeons, the Purse will allow you to stock a certain number of items in your “Reserve Purse” or store items in your “Locker Purse” in town. There’s even an “Omega Purse” that will give Omega Power to items stored inside.


One new tactic is to fill up your Reserve Purse with useful items before taking on a dungeon.



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When the Fairy Chichi’s pet Berona sees honey, it’ll lick it all up without second thought. Its special licks has a new “Torment Licking ★ Awakening” system that is different from the “Faint in Agony ★ Awakening” that players of the first game might be familiar with. By covering a character in Berona’s favorite honey, it’ll lick the character right up and provide them with an uplift in feeling.


Once a character’s excitement meter goes to a certain spot, they’ll enter a “Shyness Break” mode. The higher the meter goes up, the more they’ll increase status, acquire skills, and experience points.





Looks aren’t the only thing going for the “Faint in Agony ★ Awakening” and “Torment Licking ★ Awakening” as using those can get you skills that increase your starting statuses or even teach you useful special attacks. The skills and special attacks learned through this system will always be different, so you’ll get to take on a dungeon with a different taste each time.


Here’s a look at some of the skills:


Rio Akanezaki – Guilty Slash



Uses a giant sickle with range of up to 8 spaces to damage enemies and knock them away. It also places a curse that guarantees death to the enemies after a certain number of turns.


Aina Akemia – Omega Impact


Does massive damage to all monsters in the room, ignoring their defense.


Urara Rurikawa – Urara Isn’t Here


Calls out a giant teddy bear to do massive damage to monsters within a range of 8 spaces. Additionally, the attack gives Urara a transparence effect that makes her not get attacked by monsters for the next few turns.


Hikaru Midorikawa – Massive Afterimage



Uses Omega Power to move at super high speed. In addition to getting a boost in speed, it increases Hikaru’s evasion.


Omega Labyrinth Z releases in Japan on July 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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