One Of The Most Obscure Sonic Games Will Soon Be Playable On PC

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Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car, one of the rarest Sonic games, should soon be playable on PC as a fan was able to obtain the arcade board and put it online (thanks SonicRetro). If everything is in place, it’ll be available in the next version of arcade machine emulator MAME.


In the game, you play as Sonic as he drives a police car around busy streets, avoiding traffic, until Dr. Eggman turns up in his own car and starts throwing bombs at Sonic. It’s one of the first instances of Sonic having a full voiceover.


Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car was originally released in Japan back in 1991. It was played in a booth shaped like a car and was played with a steering wheel. But it has since gone into obscurity as the original arcade machines are hard to come by.


You can see Gavin Hugh’s video of one of Waku Waku machines being played in Japan.


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