One Piece: Burning Blood Shows Off Unity Moves And 4 Modes

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Bandai Namco’s latest One Piece: Burning Blood video is all about the sorts of adventures and action players will enjoy as they go through the game. To be more specific, the trailer goes over some of the gameplay modes, as well as the 3 on 3 attacks that allow for special Unity moves.


To be more specific, four of One Piece: Burning Blood’s modes are highlighted. Paramount War mode is the story mode, which covers One Piece’s Marineford arc. People will be able to control multiple characters during this campaign, allowing you to see what everyone was up to. WANTED Versus mode is a challenge mode where you hunt down people for bounties. Free mode is the other versus mode, and one where you set all the rules. Finally, there’s an online mode that lets you face other people with the game online.


As for the Unity moves, players are able to control a team of three characters from One Piece. A Unity Assist lets you press a button to pull in a teammate to end a combo being used against you by your opponent. You can also use a Unity Chain to bring in your teammates to make a combo stronger. This doesn’t take into account the over 60 support characters, which aren’t playable and are called upon to do things like increase your current character’s attack, defense, or health in the middle of a fight.


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One Piece: Burning Blood will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita in North America on May 31. Europeans can get the game on June 3, 2016. It will also be released on Windows PCs sometime in June 2016.

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