One Piece Film Red Box Office Reaches 10 Million Tickets Sold

One Piece Film Red Box Office

Just over a month after its debut, Toei Animation announced One Piece Film: Red has surpassed 10 million tickets sold at the box office. This officially makes the film the most watched movie of 2022 in Japan so far. In celebration, Toei Animation will be publishing additional copies of the limited edition One Piece Film: Red comic, which will appear in participating theatres in Japan starting September 17, 2022.

One Piece Film: Red debuted on August 6, 2022, quickly becoming the most successful One Piece film of all time. In its first ten days, over five hundred thousand people went to theatres to see the movie, and Toei grossed over ¥7.06 billion or $53 million in ticket sales. On the 20th day of showing, Toei announced that the film made over ¥10 billion in ticket sales, or about $70 million. The film’s main theme song “Genesis” also reached the top spot on Japan’s Apple Music charts.

The new box office numbers indicate that One Piece Film: Red is close to surpassing the worldwide sales of popular movies, such as Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Pokemon: The Movie 2000. The movie will likely continue to sell tickets throughout the year, once it releases in western theatres sometime in Fall 2022.

Additionally, the film has appeared in various video games and media collaborations. Starting tomorrow, the main cast will appear in Granblue Fantasy. Earlier this month, the characters also appeared in the popular Japanese mobile game Puzzles & Dragons.

One Piece Film: Red is available to watch in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and France. The movie will debut in the UK, Australia, Canada, and US sometime in Fall 2022.

Andrew Kiya
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