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Online Dino Shooter Primal Carnage: Extinction Heading To PS4 In 2015


Primal Carnage is one of the very few dinosaur shooters worth your time, and it’s for this reason that it’s not too surprising to find out that it has proven popular enough to get a sequel.


Yep, Circle 5 Studios and Pub Games have announced that Primal Carnage: Extinction will be stomping big dino footprints onto PC this November, and then it will rear its head on PlayStation 4 in Q1 2015.


As RPS dug out, Extinction was originally planned as a free update to Primal Carnage, but after it changed development companies it became a commercial sequel instead. Still, it seems that, at least, owners of Primal Carnage will be offered a significant discount on Extinction.


As with the first game, Extinction is a class-based online multiplayer shooter featuring humans versus dinosaurs – and, yes, you can be on either side. Use flamethrowers and bullets, or swoop down from above with claws and jaws.


Extinction will have two game modes at launch, which will be Team Deathmatch, and objective-based mode Get To The Chopper and you’ll play these across 12 diverse maps.


Altogether there will be nine unique dinosaur classes, which will allow you to sneak, blind, charge, eat, and fly – and five unique human classes to try out. More content will be added to Extinction over the six month period following its release.


Those who pre-order Primal Carnage: Extinction on Steam before the end of November will get the “Volcano” Spinosaurus skin for free and will get access to the game’s beta on November 10th.

Chris Priestman