OPUS: Rocket of Whispers Developer SIGONO’s Latest Game is Project RIVER


Taiwanese indie developer SIGONO, known for their OPUS series story-based adventure games, has revealed a teaser for their latest game, codenamed Project RIVER. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

According to SIGONO, this game will once again have story as its major focus. However, just as how OPUS: The Day We Found Earth and OPUS: Rocket of Whispers are not connected, this game is likely to be a standalone story as well.

Here’s the premise of the game according to SIGONO:

The Thousand Valleys star system has been reduced to a smoldering wasteland after bearing witness to a war for its energy rich deposits known as “dragon veins”. But stories of ancient treasure hidden among the asteroids continue to draw in adventurers itching to take it all, and the key to untold riches is a voice that can resonate with the veins through song…

Compared to the previous two titles, which were 2D, this game seems to be a stylized cel-shaded 2.5D game.

Currently, not much is known about Project RIVER, including what platforms it will launch on. However, since the other games began as smartphone titles before being ported to Nintendo Switch, they will likely launch there in some form.

Project RIVER is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
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