Orchestra To Lend Musical Weight To Himeko Sutori’s Grand Tactical Battles



The Kickstarter campaign for tactical, large-scale military RPG Himeko Sutori has announced an orchestral score from a 55 piece orchestra that will back up the game’s battles with sweeping music.




Himeko Sutori gives players command over squads of units, known as Lances, that are made up of a leader and several named individual characters (of which the game contains over 100). The units within the Lance will act based on their job when the Lance attacks, with Knights attacking the closest enemy, rogues attacking the weakest, and more. It’s up to the player to customize these units for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield.




Players will also be able to change each unit’s specific class in order to make them more well-rounded over time. Certain types of units will also work better with a certain leader, so switching those units around will also result in more effective Lances.




Himeko Sutori is projected to release in early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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