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Silicon Studio released a news release today announcing that the upcoming Compile Heart ‘Galapagos RPG’ title, Death end re;Quest uses their all-in-one game engine, OROCHI 4, as well as their Mizuchi rendering engine. However, this is not the first Compile Heart game to use OROCHI 4 and Mizuchi, as that honor goes to Megadimension Neptune VIIR, which released earlier this year.

Below are several screenshots showing off the results in the game:

death end 1

death end 2

death end 3

death end 4


The press release mentions that Silicon Studio will provide full tech support to Idea Factory and Compile Heart, including ‘multiple titles in the future’, so OROCHI 4 is likely the engine Compile Heart will use for some of their next games.


Former game producer and current company president, Norihisa Kochiwa, commented on the collaboration:


“In Death end re;Quest, the second title to use Silicon Studio’s game engine and middleware, the worldview and especially the characters were able to be expressed in a manner true to the game art in a way like never before, thanks to the mix of non-photorealistic presentation of the characters and photorealistic backgrounds, and overall post-processing. We are very thankful for receiving tight support in order to turn our vision into reality.”


Death end re;Quest releases in Japan on March 1, 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

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