Otr is the Next Fire Emblem Heroes Mythic Hero


Another original Fire Emblem Heroes character is about to be playable. Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are adding a Book 5 antagonist. The September 30, 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes Mythic Heroes banner will include Otr.

As expected from a Mythic Hero, Otr will have a unique, powerful weapon and new skills in his moveset. For example, his Auto-Lofnheidr has the Canto effect for the first four turns of a battle. It also increases his attack while debuffing a foe’s attack. He also has the Brutal Shell special, which decreases the cooldown at the beginning of the battle and acts as though the opponent’s defense and resistance are half of what they normally are.

This is the full look at the skills he can learn.
Otr fire emblem heroes

Here’s the Fire Emblem Heroes trailer showing off the Mythic Hero Otr.

In addition to Otr, the following characters will also be focus units on this banner.

  • Altina: Dawn’s Trueblade
  • Byleth: The Fodlan Star
  • Celica: Queen of Valentia
  • Chrom: Crowned Exalt
  • Claude: King of Unification
  • Eliwood: Blazing Knight
  • Leif: Unifier of Thracia
  • Marianne: Adopted Daughter
  • Palla: Kind Eldest Sister
  • Shinon: Scathing Archer
  • Zeke: Past Unknown

Fire Emblem Heroes is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and the Mythic Hero banner with Otr will be available September 30, 2021 through October 6, 2021. The last major banner added Fire Emblem: Three HousesAshen Wolves.

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