Ouro Kronii Confirmed for 2nd Hololive Valkyrie Connect Event

Ouro Kronii joins 2nd Hololive Valkyrie Connect Collab
Image via Valkyrie Connect Twitter

Ateam revealed the next new guest character for the second Hololive Valkyrie Connect event will be Ouro Kronii. In preparation for the event, she will be doing a special livestream along with Takanashi Kiara going over some details about the crossover. This stream will go live on April 27, 2023 at 2pm PT/5pm ET.

Check out the announcement from Valkyrie Connect’s official Twitter account here below.

Ouro Kronii is the second confirmed guest character of this new Hololive Valkyrie Connect event after Hololive Fantasy’s Houshou Marine. Her character’s official art wasn’t shared yet, but people can expect to see that during the presentation with Kiara. However, details about her kit and abilities likely won’t come up until either just before launch or after the crossover begins.

This marks half of this next event’s new confirmed characters. There will be two representatives for Hololive’s Japanese and English branches. This follows the pattern from the initial one. For the first Hololive Valkyrie Connect collaboration in May 2022, the guest stars were Takanashi Kiara, Ina’nis Ninomae, La+ Darkness, and Pekora Usada, all of which returned with Awakened versions in January 2023.

Valkyrie Connect is currently available for PCs and mobile devices.

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