Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz

Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz Will Run Until the End of 2023

Bandai Namco will hold Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz on mobile devices in Japan between September and December 2023. The quiz will utilize augmented reality and let its players study environmental issues in the real world while being accompanied by Pac-Man characters.

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To play this AR quiz, players must first install the STYLY app on their iOS or Android mobile devices. After the game goes live on September 4, 2023, they can then scan the QR code provided in Step 2 of the instruction page.

In Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz, the player will control a gigantic Pac-Man while approaching the opposing Ghosts and specific objects as possible answer choices. They can also adjust the size of AR objects based on their location. You can make them larger when going outside or smaller when indoors. The quiz will have multiple-choice questions based on five environmental themes: Climate Change, Water Resources, Energy, Food Waste, and Garbage.

In one of the screenshots that Bandai Namco shared, the quiz will ask if a Shinkansen train and a passenger airplane is more environmentally friendly. In another one, it will ask whether the size of forests around the world that diminish every minute is more equivalent to around 13 soccer fields or 13 tennis courts.

Bandai Namco has been revealing multiple projects featuring Pac-Man as the company’s official mascot and most well-known character. The company previously announced that it is working with Wayfarer Studios to produce a live-action film and Lego to create a buildable arcade machine set, both modeled after the same franchise.

Pac-Man AR Sustainable Quiz will be available to access from September 4, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

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