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Pearl and Marina Release New Splatoon 3 Music Track

Splatoon 3 Pearl Marina

Off The Hook is back for more. The musical duo of Pearl and Marina has a new Splatoon 3 track on offer for fans. The track was released by Nintendo through the official Splatoon Twitter account, along with some art of the characters.

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Known as “Off the Hook” (“Tentacles” in Japan), the pair were the hosts of Splatoon 2‘s in-game show, Inkopolis News. After the events of Splatoon, Pearl and Marina took over as hosts from the Squid Sisters Callie and Marie. Players who logged into Splatoon 2 would see updates from Pearl and Marina about maps in the daily rotation and other ongoing events. They also performed during Splatfests, and even appeared in real life to hold virtual concerts in Japan and around the world. It has yet to be confirmed who will be the hosts of Inkopolis News for Splatoon 3. Whether Pearl and Marina will return for the gig or if the role will transition to new characters (or if there will even be an Inkopolis News segment, for that matter), it seems like Off The Hook is at least part of Splatoon 3‘s game world.

The new single from Pearl and Marina for Splatoon 3 is called “Busy Vacation feat. Off The Hook.” It’s the first single off their album “Taking That Back” (“Zengen Tekkai” in Japanese).  The promotional tweet reveals that the pair have been scouting out members for their band while on a world tour.

Check out the track below.

The Splatoon series has a history of coming up with various fictional in-universe bands and pop acts. Besides the Callie and Marie and Pearl and Marina duos, Splatoon bands like Front Roe and C-Side are credited with various songs and musical tracks.

Splatoon 3 is in development and will launch on the Nintendo Switch on September 9, 2022.

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