People Can Park an Arcade1Up Outrun Cabinet in Their Homes

arcade1up outrun 1

Classic Sega racing games will feel a little more authentic with Arcade1Up’s latest release. An Arcade1Up OutRun cabinet is on the way and will launch in early December 2020. As is common with units that include an actual seat, it will cost $499.99.

The Arcade1Up OutRun cabinet does give the racer top billing, but it actually contains multiple OutRun and Yu Suzuki racers. The follow-ups Turbo OutRun and OutRunners are both there, as is Power Drift.

As this is a racing cabinet, it has an entirely new Arcade1Up design to accommodate the wheel, brake, and gas pedal. But like other games from the company, it has a light-up marquee, the 17” LCD screen, dual speakers, and accessories to help stabilize it once you place it in your home.

At the moment, there is only one place to order this OutRun cabinet. Arcade1Up is directly selling it at the moment. However, it is only a temporary online exclusive and will eventually also appear at other stores. (Retailers like Best Buy, Costco, and Walmart carry the company’s cabinets.)

Here’s a better look at the cabinet.

The Arcade1Up OutRun cabinet will ship in early December 2020. Other cabinets coming out this year include Ms. Pac-Man, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Pinball, and Golden Axe.

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