People Were Able to Challenge Dark Vyrn in the Granblue Fantasy April Fools’ Raid

Granblue Fantasy

Japanese game companies happily unveiled their April Fools’ gags. Hit mobile game Granblue Fantasy was no exception, rolling out the cast of Grand Blues, its long-running companion. Illustrated by Monji Kikuchi, Grand Blues functions as a running parody of Granblue Fantasy proper, poking fun at itself with in-jokes about the characters and events. It’s so well-established at this point that the Grand Blues “universe” was confirmed as an alternate timeline to the game itself. That timeline once again bleed into the prime universe, as the Grand Blues doppelganger of Vyrn (aka “Dark Vyrn”), the mini-dragon mascot, invaded the skies for a Granblue Fantasy April Fools’ Day event. He was buffed up and ready to teach mortals the meaning of strength.

Here’s a screenshot of the Granblue Fantasy April Fools’ Day battle itself, which was available as a solo fight, multiplayer raid, and ultra-difficult “for bragging rights only” challenge mode:

Granblue Fantasy

This year Cygames even went so far as to upload an animated trailer for the gag:

Prizes for the quick one-day-only Granblue Fantasy April Fools’ Day event included cosmetic skins for characters Monica, Robomi, and Seruel that turned them into their Grand Blues-style equivalents. Granblue Fantasy Versus players will recognize the Grand Blues style from that game’s online lobby avatars and emotes.  Previous appearances by the Dark Vyrn raid added skins for Siegfried, Lyria, Rosetta, Feower, Cagliostro, Lancelot, Katalina, Jin, and Ferry.

Unfortunately, as the event is over as of the time of this writing, the next chance Granblue Fantasy players will have to grab the skins will be on April 1st, 2021.

Granblue Fantasy is available on Android and iOS devices and playable on web browsers.

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