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Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s Story Mode Has You Investigate The Midnight Stage



Atlus’ upcoming rhythm game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, is chalk-full of poppy remixes the player can enjoy in Free Dance Mode and the Investigation Team will also be lighting the stage ablaze in the game’s elusive Story Mode.


Persona 4: Dancing All Night takes place after the events of Persona 4, where the investigation team solved the mystery of the Midnight Channel. A new mystery unveils itself in the form of the Midnight Stage, which players get pulled onto after the spotlight turns to Rise and her Junior group, the Kanamin Kitchen.


Members of Kanamin Kitchen have mysteriously disappeared, and when the team mounts a rescue mission to save them, they discover the same monstrous shadows that inhabited the Midnight Channel. On the Midnight Stage, the investigation team can’t call on the help of Personas – instead, they have to rely solely on their dance moves to save the day. Atlus says that the game’s story is presented in a similar format to Persona 4 Area/Ultimax.



Persona 4: Dancing All Night will also include a shop Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities, where the player can purchase character costumes and other items with the P$ earned from performing well during songs. In addition, the player can access a Music Player, Gallery, and Character Profiles. The game will also feature online leaderboards.


We’ll likely hear more about Persona 4: Dancing All Night’s story after the game goes on sale this Thursday in Japan. Atlus USA has the North American release scheduled for this fall.


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