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Persona 5 Artwork Gives Us A Closer Look At Makoto, Futaba, And Haru


Persona 5 Artwork (1)

We previously got a look at some details on the newly introduced characters of Makoto, Futaba, and Haru, and Atlus has followed up with an update on the official website, giving us a closer look at the three with character artwork.


Below is a look at the new characters and their Personas, along with the details from our earlier report.


Makoto Niijima [CV: Rina Sato]

Persona: Johanna

Persona 5 Artwork (7)

Persona 5 Artwork (6)

A third-year student who attends the same high school as the protagonist. President of the student council with high morals and a strong sense of responsibility. Active and earnest, a straight-laced honor student who can’t be compromised with.


Futaba Sakura [CV: Aoi Yuki]

Persona: Necronomicon

Persona 5 Artwork (5)

Persona 5 Artwork (4)

A young girl who is considered a programming prodigy with inhumane computing abilities. She’s the age of a first-year high school student, but on top of having difficulties in communicating with others, a certain incident has caused her to be a shut-in.


Haru Okumura [CV: Haruka Tomatsu]

Persona: Milady

Persona 5 Artwork (2)

Persona 5 Artwork (3)

A third-year high school student and daughter of the president of a big food service manufacturer. Refined but seen little of life, but unlike Sakura, Haru has watched a lot of people and has gained high communication skills.


You can catch up on more details and comments from director and creative producer Katsura Hashino in our earlier report.


Persona 5 will release in Japan on September 15, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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